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What Should I Know About Mac Hard Drive Recovery?

If you want to protect all your valuable data, there is a very simple solution. If you opt for Mac hard drive recovery, you will see a lot of advantages, but at the same time, you could have some disadvantages. The biggest advantage of opting for professional Mac hard drive recovery is that you will not have to be worried about the hard disk being damaged and lost data being unrecoverable, because you can simply call a company that understands Mac disk failures well. In case that your hard drive has broken down, all you …

Unix Vs. NT Battle Transformed The Landscape

n the Unix market, the top players in descending order are Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Silicon Graphics (SGI), IBM, and Digital Equipment (DEC, which was recently acquired by Compaq), according to IDC.

Sun ranks as the largest supplier of workstations in the Unix market with a 45% market share in 1997. As the single vendor with a Unix-only strategy, Sun also has the most complete line of Unix workstations, from $2500 at the entry level to about $50,000 on the high end.

Sun’s product line is the Ultra series the Ultra 5, 10,

Choosing A Server Platform

Nik Silver, director of professional services with Web agency Hyperlink, says, “The Intel platform can be very quick to develop on, because of the tools and because it can be easier to integrate your Web applications with databases and applications you already have, especially ones developed using Microsoft tools. Unix boxes may be less user-friendly, but they offer advantages in terms of scalability and supplier independence.”


As Silver adds. that’s not to say you can’t achieve scalability on Intel platforms: Microsoft’s own Website demonstrates that But it may be more demanding technically.

If you