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The Advantages Of Professional RAID 10 Recovery

RAID 10 recovery has quite a number of advantages in comparison to other RAID levels. A major advantage is that RAID 10 recovery has both a manual and a software procedure. You are free to choose the one that is most convenient for you. The software procedure has four major steps which are used by the professionals and would not take such a long time to get your lost data back. Two, the recovery process is majorly done by professionals. These experts have a high level of knowledge and resources which are needed for a …

Consider This Before Starting Hard Drive Repair

While deciding whether to opt for hard drive repair or complete drive replacement, there are certain factors to consider, such as the lifetime of the hard drive. The lifetime of a hard drive varies according to certain factors such as how often you use it…..running your system for 10 to 12 hours a day or longer will shorten the lifespan considerably, resulting in hard drive repairs needed sooner than usual. If you purchase a low-end computer, your hard drive will be out dated, needing repairs and updating sooner as well. The cheaper machines will have …

Increasing Your Sales Through Help Desk Software

hds2Help desk software lets you organize, prioritize and deliver the tasks efficiently. Company websites are actually using this software in order to provide the best services to customers, who want to inquire, complain or give feedback. Any concerns that are customer related can be addressed properly through the software. On the part of the company, help desk provides efficiency at work especially that it assigns the tasks automatically. Instead of manipulating all the information gathered, it will automatically sort the data and allows you to provide specific actions on the problems that arise. The help …

The Importance of RAID Recovery

RAID is short for redundant array of inexpensive disks. In storage technology, it is a way of storing data on two or more disk drives while creating a logical storage unit. It increases performance and fault tolerance because of some data redundancy. Nowadays many motherboards are equipped with built-in RAID. However, it is not necessary for personal computers. RAID can duplicate data among hard disk drives, which is more critical in corporate environments.

There are several types of RAID commonly known as RAID levels. Level 0 until Level 6 RAID are distinct to each …

About 99.9% Uptime – Oracle Style

HewlettPackard will partner with Cisco Systems and Oracle Corp. to develop products for higher-performance Unix servers — products that promise to keep an enterprise network up and running 99,9 percent of the time — from the hardware to the operating system to the database to the application. Conversely, Hp is implementing a similar solution across its NetServer line running Windows NT and cluster server software from Microsoft.

In the collaboration with Cisco and Oracle, the foundation for the new program, called 5nines:5minutes, will be new servers based on the HP-UX operating system. With production expected

Acer Server Targets Lower Cost Small Business Segment

Trailing its successful thrust into the consumer arena, Acer is aiming at the small business market. And though the market promises growth for big players, unless Acer can take on Goliath, it may hit the wall a few times.

The company first tackled that segment of the server market last October by unveiling the Acer Altos 930 Server. This week, the company is releasing a network-ready version of the server with Internet, Web and communications software that sells for under $5,000.

The small business market for LANs and servers will grow from $2.5 billion in …